You can count on Lynnwood Towing to handle any roadside problems you might be having. The range of services we provide can be catered to vehicles of all types be it cars, trucks, SUVs, medium duty trucks and small buses. Our services are notable for quality, affordability, efficiency, immediacy and reliability. Providing roadside assistance and facilitating damage-free towing are our specialties.

Flatbed Tow Trucks

Our flatbed tow trucks ensure that all cars are elevated while being towed to prevent any damage to them no matter their make; whether high-end, classic or something in between. We cater to all vehicles; cars, trucks, SUVs, small trailers, and everything in between.

We also boast a highly efficient staff of tow truck drivers who will be at your service in no time. They are not only well trained but also have the requisite experience to ensure safety standards are kept at a high degree.

We are a licensed, bonded and insured company that imposes no obligation quotes; benefits you’ll enjoy if you choose to work with us.

Motorcycle Towing

The one question any person asks themselves once their motorcycle breaks down is whether or not a towing truck company might be available to help out with the transportation. Should that happen, then you can count on us being there to help you out.

A motorcycle breaking down can be a very frustrating experience and that is why we strive to ensure our response is as fast as possible and the towing is done both quickly and safely.

Give us a call and an able highly efficient team will be dispatched to your location. We guarantee fair prices, customer satisfaction, immediate responses and high quality services.

Gas Delivery

Didn’t quite make it to that gas station half a mile away? 20 miles away from the nearest gas station? In either case, you might be wondering, “Is there a tow truck near me?” or “How am I going to get to a gas station now?” Running out of gas doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Give us a call and we’ll send a fast, reliable, and trained driver with a couple gallons of fuel to get you and your vehicle to the nearest gas station.

Don’t risk leaving your car and ending up with large tow bill. With us you are guaranteed a quick response, a high level of professionalism, high quality work and fair prices.

Flat Tire Changes

A tire blowing out is always a possibility in the minds of all a car owners. In anticipation of this possibility, many car owners usually carry a lug wrench, a jack and a spare tire with them just in case the tire blows up. Should your tire blow and you don’t know how to change a tire, or are not able or willing to do so due to safety concerns, give us a call and a team will be quickly dispatched to replace the tire.

In certain scenarios the spare tire might also be flat which places at an inconvenient position. Should it happen, give us a call and our dispatcher will advise you on the best way to proceed, and a crew will immediately be sent to your location.

Dead Battery Jump Start

Having your car battery die far away from ready help is the last possible thing you’d wish to happen but when it does you’ll need a way out. We at Lynnwood Towing Company have got your back. All you have to do is give us a call and will be there in a few minutes to jump start your car for you so you can resume your daily routine.

We possess the best equipment and expertise to handle your battery problem. The make/model of your vehicle isn’t an issue for us. We will handle your problem in a timely manner and at a fair rate.

Keys Locked In The Car

Should your keys end up getting locked in the car, don’t panic. Give us a call and our technician will be on the way. Our drivers have all the necessary skills and equipment to easily open the car for you so you’re able to quickly get back on the road wherever you might be in Lynnwood. You have our guarantee that your vehicle will be handled with care and our technician will be pleasant, expedient and professional.

Working with us guarantees you minimal inconveniences, the highest levels of safety for your boxtruck as well as reduced downtime.

Winch-Out Services

If you have been involved in an accident, or are stuck in sand or snow, our winch-out service can be used to pull vehicles from roadside areas that are not easily accessible. Winching out cars can be difficult and requires both experience and special equipment.

Do not risk damaging your vehicle by placing objects under tires, or by pulling the vehicle with a car that is not equipped for the job. Our state of the art fleet of tow trucks have been uniquely customized to handle your needs effectively and safely.

Incredibly Fast, Best Rates & Best Customer service by far! He also knew what was wrong with my car!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Hayo(the owner) is the best! My car broke down on I5 during rush hour and he was there within 20 minutes! He was also $20 cheaper than the first two companies I called and couldn't have been nicer!

I would not call anyone else, this guy is the best. He had to tow me twice in 3 days. He got to me faster than any other company would have, charged me less the second tow, and even had tools to try to figure out what was wrong with my car on the spot. Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.

This last week my only car key was stolen leaving me with no way to get my car out of the park and ride it was left at. As I was scrambling to fix the mess I had to find a good reliable towing company that would be able to tow my car to the dealership so I could have a new key reprogrammed. Hilo was very nice and understanding to the situation. Since my new key did not work to start the car, it could only unlock it, he had to push the car onto his truck bed. I was glad it was a truck bed and not just a tow cable. He was very nice and gave me good information and also had a reasonable price, I would recommend this company if you need a tow service.

Free quotes, no obligation to book.



With Lynnwood Towing Company you are guaranteed a quick response, a high level of professionalism, high quality work and fair prices. Providing roadside assistance and facilitating damage-free towing are our specialties. Our business model, which focuses on service and putting the needs of the customer first, strives to ensure you are always at ease and receiving services of the highest quality. We are a licensed, insured and bonded company so you can be assured of high quality and reliability in our operations.

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